Welcome to the Inspiration Age! Is Your Content Marketing Ready?


Welcome to the inspiration age! Welcome to an era where connecting with your audience and communities in authentic and human ways is a requirement, not an option.

Digital and social marketing are powerful mediums to help marketers attract, inspire and activate their audiences.

Brands that activate their audiences powered by authentic human emotional connection will win in this new era.

When marketers treat their audiences and customers as humans, not just numbers, their goals can be obtained faster with an exponentially higher Return on Investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent.

What is the inspiration age and why should it matter to you and your business? I answer these questions and more in episode 170 of  the Social Zoom Factor podcast. Take a listen and learn what the inspiration age is as well as 8 solid strategies and tips to inspire your audience.

Embrace the Inspiration Age Now to Grow Your Business

Smart and savvy marketing and business leaders know they MUST embrace the inspiration age to grow their business, nurture relationships, earn trust, and establish authority.

When we touch the hearts of the people we want to bring closer to our brands, building relationships happens organically and with deepened trust.

Coming out of the information age it was easier to put most marketing tactics and strategies in a box. Brands with big budgets could simply throw big money at advertising agencies and the remainder at more predictable marketing mediums such as traditional media, direct mail and email marketing.

However, times are changing drastically. Now it's practically a free for all. We are all the media.

The world is noisy on and offline. It is more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd, to rise above the noise and to earn trust and connect with hearts. We can communicate anyway we want. We can communicate how, when and where we want… and so can our audience.

You Do NOT Own Your Audience

You do not own your audience. You do not own your social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Your audience is not there to serve you. They do not show up on Instagram or LinkedIn every day to “like” your posts and comment on your links bragging about your achievements.

You are there to serve your audience meaningful value, period!

You must engage. You must be a contributing, healthy part of the conversation. You must be able to serve up consistent, unique and relevant value. You must earn trust and continually nurture their spirit, heart and bank account.

You must learn how to serve the data, knowledge and inspiration your audience and communities yearn for.

Take a listen to episode 170 for these inspiration nuggets and more. Be sure to subscribe to this entire brand new series, “Welcome to The Inspiration Age” on iTunesStitcher or SoundCloud!

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Inspiration age defined
  • How to inspire your audience by connecting with the needs and desires at an individual level
  • Why earning trust is a foundational requirement in the inspiration age
  • Importance of humanizing your brand
  • Difference between authenticity vs transparency
  • Delivering timely, relevant, contextual content
  • Why we can never master the heart of the human soul
  • Understanding the people inspiration metrics
  • Answering the most important questions, WHY
  • Why you don't own your audience
  • People don't just buy things, they join things
  • Delivering an experience that inspires, engages, delights, educates, empowers and entertains
  • Building an integrated digital and social platform that works when you're not working
  • Why action is the social currency of today

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