10 Things You Must Know About Your Customer [podcast + ebook]

Pam Moore

Top 10 Things You MUST Know About Your Customer


Are you sick and tired of of being sick and tired of cranking out videos, blog posts, social media posts, Instagram visuals, Facebook posts, podcasts and not achieving your marketing goals or generating more leads?

Wish you had more customers?

Do you REALLY know your ideal customer? 

  • Who is the customer you want to attract?
  • Who is your ideal dream customer?
  • Why should your customer care your brand exists?
  • What are the behaviors that are driving the need for your product or service?
  • Do you know how to serve your audience them better than competition?
  • Do you know how to speak to them in a language and tone they understand?
  • Do you know what keeps them up at night?
  • Do you know how you can help solve their problems?
  • Do you know how you can inspire, empower and delight them?
  • How is your product or service positioned?
  • Does your target customer see you positioned in the way you desire?
  • Do you know how to connect with your audience authentically and emotionally?
  • Do you know what the barriers are for them to purchase?
  • Do you know their attitudes toward your product, company and industry?
  • What are the emotional reasons they will buy from you?

These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer if you want your marketing to deliver a return on your investment.

The days of throwing social content spaghetti at the virtual walls and hoping it sticks are over and done. The digital ecosystem is getting noisy and crowded. The only way you can stand out is by inspiring and connecting with your audience in amazing ways!

The average human consumes 6-7 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision. You better make sure your content is helping make the decision to buy from you!

Is your content working FOR your business? 

  • Is it attracting the right customers to you?
  • Is it inspiring the right customers to click, engage and consume your content?
  • Is it engaging your customer to take action that brings them closer to your brand?
  • Is it delighting your customer so that when they are ready to buy, they think of you?
  • Is it connecting with your audience in a human way?

Here's the thing. If you don't know your customer you can't serve them. You can't connect with them in a meaningful way. You can't stand out from the crowd of status quo.

Building an audience first marketing strategy and taking the time to simply know your customer is one of the best ways to ignite your marketing results.

Knowing your customer should be your #1 priority for your marketing and business. It is what will make or break your business both online and offline in the modern digital, always connected world of today!

Take a listen to the 270th episode of the Social Zoom Factor Podcast to learn the Top 10 Things You Must Know About Your Customer. This is true for any business of any size in any industry or niche.

In this 20 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • The Top 10 Things You Must Know About Your Customer
  • Why you NEED an audience first marketing strategy to drive ALL of your marketing
  • How to leapfrog your competition by serving your audience better than anyone in your industry
  • Why knowing your customer is not rocket science and is one of the easiest ways to leverage digital and social media marketing.

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