Innovate Your Marketing Strategy for the New Normal [podcast]

Pam Moore


Many marketers feel as if the stable ground they were standing on just a few short months ago is now constantly moving like a digital earthquake.  What use to be “normal” is now a distant past.  The only guarantee we have is change.

It's time for marketers to do what they do best… innovate and prepare for the future.

Marketers need to be brave, bold and roll up their digital sleeves to connect with their audiences and customers who need them!

The new normal of today requires more innovative thought and hard work than ever before.

Even the most experienced and savvy business and marketing leaders may have more questions than answers…

  • What is the new normal?
  • How do I survive today while also building the future of my business?
  • How is the uncertainty impacting our customers and prospects?
  • How should I modify my communication with my customers?
  • What communication should I avoid?
  • What communication is good?
  • Is it appropriate to market my business during this time?
  • How should I adjust and optimize my marketing budget?
  • How can we best support sales without being too pushy?
  • What if we post something on social media that makes people mad?
  • How do I let my customers know we're here for them without being annoying?
  • What does success look like today, tomorrow and next quarter?

Do NOT Be Afraid to Communicate!

One of the most important things you must do today is continue to communicate with your audience – customers, prospects and fans. They need you even more than they did a few months ago. Communication is good and will keep you connected with your audiences and customers.

You can never go wrong by investing in community and the human beings within them.

Make sure your communication is authentic, helpful, human and kind. You need to give more than you take.

Now is not a time to be super arrogant, grumpy or self-serving. It's not about you, it's about how you can help others.

You need to be focused 100% on the needs of your audience.

You Must Know Your Customer as a TOP Priority!

Marketers must get in the head of their customers and know exactly who they are serving and why!

Make sure you understand where your customers are emotionally, physically and mentally. How can you help them? How can you serve them? How can you be a positive light in their world and life? How can you help them achieve their goals? How can you let them know you are a foundational rock they can lean on during this tough time?

Take Action: Download my FREE Buyer Persona Worksheet to clearly define your target customer and ensure your communications are 100% aligned with your audience needs. 


We need to do more than focus on “recovering” from the economic pressures, pandemic and unknowns of today.

We need to get in a headspace of thinking and planning for more than survival, and move to thinking about how we can leverage this time to not only succeed today, but also prepare for the future.

It's moving from being scared out of your mind to surviving and then thriving. You can do it!

Think about ways that you can leverage this extra time to optimize your marketing plans, better understand your audience and customers or work on key areas of your marketing and digital execution. Leveraging this time in the most optimal ways is what will separate the winners from the stragglers as our economy moves into recovery.

Our digital branding training and consulting agency, Marketing Nutz is currently working with many clients to help them pivot and leverage this time for maximum impact.

Yes, at first many were in the “freak out zone” given the scary times our world is facing. However, to succeed, we must quickly move to the thriving zone. This may require pivoting, thinking differently than you did in the past. It also requires accepting reality of the challenges we are all facing. Ignoring them definitely doesn't make them magically disappear.

It's normal to feel stressed, afraid, overwhelmed and not sure what direction you need to go. It may be good for you to also consider bringing in a 3rd party to help you develop a solid strategy that empowers your team and gives you a boost of focus, inspiration and direction you may be craving. Give us a shout if you would like to setup a free consultation to see how we can help your business grow and thrive.

Take a listen to episode #273 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the EXACT steps you need to take to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy and Plan for the New Normal

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • The NEW NORMAL for marketing your business – what is normal anymore?
  • Top actions you must take NOW for more leads, sales and success.
  • Why you must take an AUDIENCE based approach to your marketing to maximize ROI and get more sales
  • What is working and what is not working today in the new normal.
  • How to continue to build relationships via authentic conversations.
  • Tips to streamline your marketing budget, tools and technology you are investing in.
  • How to up-level your skills and resources to achieve more.
  • Tips to test new mediums, channels and messages to help you differentiate from your competition.
  • How to create a drumbeat for your marketing communications that connects you with your audience
  • The power of emotional currency and how to get more of it authentically to grow your business
  • How to tap into the power of micro-influencer marketing and community to grow your business
  • How to thrive, not just survive as you set your business up for success now and in the future

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