Top 10 LinkedIn Power Tips to Ignite Your Brand and Business [podcast]

Pam Moore

10 LinkedIn Power Tips to Ignite Your Brand and Business

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networking and digital platforms to build your personal and business brand of authority, influence and human connection.

If you think LinkedIn is just for finding a job, you are missing out on opportunities to ignite brand awareness, build community, earn trust with your target audience, and grow your business.

LinkedIn has more than 700 million members in more than 300 countries and regions worldwide. There are also more than 50 million companies setup on LinkedIn.

Bottom line, LinkedIn converts to real business. 

I've been a power use of LinkedIn since 2005 when I joined their beta launch of the platform.  At the time I was working at an enterprise technology company and was fascinated at using the platform to connect with industry leaders, colleagues as well as building community for our company.

Fast forward to today and I now have more than 350,000 followers on my personal LinkedIn profile, 15,000 connections and professional relationships to last a lifetime, LinkedIn has provided my personal and business brands the highest ROI of any platform I have used. Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

LinkedIn is the #1 driver of highly qualified leads for our Digital Media and Branding Training and Consulting Agency, Marketing Nutz.

When we build relationships on LinkedIn, the leads are solid. Business owners, CEOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors reach out to us not asking “what do you do?” but instead “how can we work together asap?”

LinkedIn is our #1 top driver of traffic (second only to Google organic) to our blogs, websites, podcast, videos, email subscriptions, and so much more than I can discuss on this blog post.

The best part is we spend the LEAST amount of time on LinkedIn compared to any other social and digital platform we use, yet we get the absolute highest return on our investment and have done such since we launched our first agency in 2010!

We help businesses of all sizes in both business to business and business to consumer markets, train and empower their top executives, sales teams, business development teams, marketing teams, human resource teams, customer support teams and more how to leverage LinkedIn social selling and networking strategies to ignite their brand awareness, humanize their brand and increase sales.

If your target customer is anyone who has a job and earns money, then you should be on Linkedin! If not, you are truly missing out on opportunities to connect with your target customers in human ways and grow your business.

I'm excited to share with you the Top 10 LinkedIn Power Strategies that Will Ignite Your Brand and Business! These are the same exact strategies that I have personally used to grow my network and leverage LinkedIn as a power house of business growth for more than 15 years.

Take a listen to episode #275 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the Top 10 LinkedIn Power Tips to Ignite Your Brand and Business Results. These include strategies you can start implementing to immediately for more leads, sales and human impact.

Here are a few current statistics for LinkedIn you can't ignore… 

  • LinkedIn has more than 700 million members in more than 300 countries and regions
  • More than 50 million companies are setup on LinkedIn
  • More than 75,000 small businesses use LinkedIn
  • More than million freelancers use LinkedIn
  • 55 job applications are submitted every second on LinkedIn
  • More than 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn
  • More than 90,000 schools are listed on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn has had 20% year-over-year growth in revenue in FY20
  • Content shared across the platform was up nearly 50% year-over-year
  • 89% increase in live streams on LinkedIn since March 2020
    *Source: LinkedIn 2020 Statistics 

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Top 10 LinkedIn Power Tips to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
  • How to quickly optimize your LinkedIn profile and maximize the use of key LinkedIn features and content optimization
  • Tips to be a people connector and build a network of power players
  • How to engage in human ways by sharing relevant content and ensuring an authentic presentation of yourself and your brand
  • The power of being bold and having an opinion and voice
  • Proven strategies to test and customize your content and messages for LinkedIn
  • Tips to efficiently manage your LinkedIn inbox and fight through the spam with ease to find the golden nuggets of opportunity
  • The importance of quality over quantity for content, human connections and everything on LinkedIn
  • Key data and analytics to monitor to help you optimize your business results and LinkedIn
  • Details on how I got started on LinkedIn and why I love the platform so much
  • Details on exactly how I use LinkedIn to ignite my brand, syndicate my content and generate leads while I sleep
  • Case studies and examples of how I use LinkedIn to get massive organic reach on my content, videos, podcasts and more that generate leads

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