Increase LinkedIN Engagement with These 15 Proven Strategies

With more than 700 million members in more than 300 countries and regions, LinkedIn has become a power house of digital opportunity for brands and social savvy marketers who know how to build relationships and ignite their brand with authenticity.

Relationships are the foundation of business today

Your network is your net worth. Social currency on the web today = attention + action. It's not enough to only gain attention.

You need to grab the right attention from your target audience using methods that drive them to the right action. Action that helps them achieve their goals and at the same time helps you earn trust and build relationships.

Relationships are at the core of business today. Social networks such as LinkedIn are simply a medium for you to build meaningful relationships through conversation and content that inspires, connects and converts to business.

Engagement is Key to Success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn presents tremendous opportunity to build brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales as you build your network of powerful contacts.

The key to success on LinkedIn is learning how to find, connect with and engage the right people in authentic ways.

The best part is that LinkedIn is not as noisy or saturated with spam content and digital noise as some of the other social networks you may be getting tired of by now.

However, LinkedIn is not a social network that you can just throw up your digital content spaghetti and hope it sticks and magically brings you leads.

You need to find ways to not only find your audience but also engage them in human and authentic ways that inspire them to want to connect with you, learn more about your business and hopefully build a relationship.

There are many tools which can easily help you automate every message you send on LinkedIn as well as engagement. However, it's not always the best method to use automation if you want to start and nurture real relationships that help you earn trust with every brand touch.

It takes 6-7 brand touches before someone remembers your brand. Do you really want the first 3-4 brand touches to be 100% automated? Or would you rather engage them authentically in human ways with your content, videos and engaging behaviors that earn trust?

Your digital presence such as how you present yourself, how you engage and even what you like, comment on and share on LinkedIn all impact your personal and business brand. Your actions speak louder than words. Your digital body language will either ignite or destroy your success online today.

Are your actions on LinkedIn attracting the right people to you and your brand? Or are they pushing them away? Or maybe you are struggling with getting noticed at all and wish you had more engagement? Are you properly leveraging your personal brand to earn trust and attract people not only to you, but to your business and brand?

I am thrilled to share with you my top 15 tips to help you increase engagement immediately! These are the same strategies I have used to build a following of more than 350,000 on LinkedIn supported by 15,000 connections. I've been using LinkedIn to build my network, ignite my brand and grow my business for more than 15 years!

Take a listen to episode #281 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the Top 15 Strategies to Increase LinkedIn Engagement.

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 15 Proven strategies to immediately increase your engagement on LinkedIn
  • Tips to leverage LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and grow your business
  • Top tips to improve your LinkedIn personal profile for more engagement
  • Tips to tap into the power of the top LinkedIn features for more engagement and to attract your dream customers
  • How to create a hashtag strategy for more LinkedIn engagement
  • Why you should be very careful when using automation on LinkedIn to drive engagement
  • How to tap into the power of the OPC (other people's content and community) for massive engagement
  • Why engagement is a key metric and goal you should be driving on LinkedIn
  • How to create a content strategy that sets you up for success with consistency and relevant content to attract your dream customers on LinkedIn

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