what first impression are you leaving?

It takes 6-7 times before a message resonates with a consumer. You have one chance at a first impression!

communication is our name and our game

We LOVE communication! Every part of it! From message platforms, value propositions, positioning statements, elevator pitches, attributes, SWOT analysis, partner and sales training platforms to Facebook posts and twitter tweets.

Our proprietary methodologies enable you to QUICKLY build a message platform that can be leveraged for then next 12-18 months!

A well written message platform is worth it's weight in gold. We believe in write once, use many. Once created a message platform serves as your business bible for all communications via all mediums. This includes websites, social media campaigns, public relations, executive speaking platforms, email marketing, and much, much more!

It is both an art and a science to share with your target audiences the right messages to keep them dialed into your business and continuously coming back for more.

We offer packaged and customized communications and message development services. We can be as simple or as detailed and comprehensive as your business requires. We can do a quick project to get you better leveraging your existing marketing tactics while at the same time we overhaul or develop a comprehensive message platform. We can do an internal and external audit of brand and communications effectiveness, processes and recommend and implement improvements for increased efficiencies and market growth. We can even conduct a comprehensive customer and market analysis including focus groups, primary and secondary research.

Call us today and let's discuss how we can get started on the key ingredient to brand awareness and market adoption. No business can afford to waste the wrong words on the right or wrong audience.

Your customer needs to “Get The Message”. You have one chance to make a first impression, do it right!

Would you like to?

  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Increase customer intimacy?
  • Have something to tweet about?
  • Grow your membership base?
  • Increase ROI across all marketing spend?
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded, competitive market?
  • Improve effectiveness of all marketing tactics?
  • Better understand your existing or target customers?
  • Decrease time spent on rework to marketing content, websites and communication platforms?
  • Stop wasting cycles and money on copywriting that doesn't align to your business, brand or audience demographics.
  • Improve sales and partner understanding of your business and message to increase sales and efficiencies.