content marketing social brandNobody knows your brand better than you. We simply help connect your brand to the social world via content that rocks!

Decision makers are seeking information to make decisions on what products and services they want to purchase. They need to be educated on the why and the what they need to help them meet their business goals.

Online marketing and social media offer an excellent platform to help your target buyers, partners and evangelists learn about how you can help them meet their goals and objectives.

It's not about how many Facebook “likes” you have but how you engage them before and after the like. Our content marketing services help you connect your brand with your market before and after the “like.”

The most important question you can ask is WHY! 

  • Why should they like your page?
  • Why should they share your blog post?
  • Why should they give a rip about what you say?
  • Why should they believe what you say?
  • Why should they contact you for more information?

We help you by developing content that will inspire your audiences to connect with you and understand how you will help them achieve their goals and objectives. If you first focus on inspiring and connecting with your audience and help them achieve their goals, you will achieve yours by default.

We help you create content that:

  • Inspires your audience to know more.
  • Connects you to your audience in an emotional and unique way.
  • Helps your audience achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Helps you achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Continuously helps you generate leads.
  • Is part of an integrated marketing and business plan to grow and sustain your business.

We ensure that your content is:

  • Findable – if you can't find it, it's all for nothin'!
  • Relevant – resonates with the intended audience to drive the desired action.
  • Simple – doesn't take a rocket scientist or PHD to understand the meaning and value.
  • Engaging – inspires your audience to action.
  • Sharable – inspires your audience to share with their friends, colleagues and network.
  • Easily consumable – made available in unique and simple ways so people can print, share, digest and come back for more!


Snapshot of our content marketing and development services: 

  • Content and social brand audits.
  • Social brand development with much focus on content.
  • Development of a content message house (we like to call it your message bible.)
  • Blog development (strategic planning, content writing, content updates
  • Social media content development (content for social media updates on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
  • Editorial calendar for integrated marketing.
  • Event content development.
  • Content development for marketing materials, event hand outs, business cards, tradeshow booths and displays.
  • Development of brand architecture if needed.
  • Integration with your current brand architecture.


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