event planning social media agency integration servicesDon't know how to integrate social media into your business conference or event? 

We help businesses of all sizes tightly integrate social media into event strategies and plans. We can help you turn up the ROI volume with strategies, tactics and priorities that will engage your audience, industry influencers, inspire your audience to connect with you and your brand and nurture relationships to endure the evolution of technology change.

Snapshot of conference and event social media services:

  • Social media audits to help you identify risks, gaps and opportunities for leverage.
  • Audience analysis and research
  • Market and competitive research and analysis
  • Development and execution of an integrated strategy and plan for real results
  • Assistance with selecting team inclusive of employees, contractors, and agencies
  • Review of venue requirements to ensure technology needs are satisfied
  • Development of social profiles
  • Growth of Twitter, Facebook and other communities
  • Strategies and tactics to help you develop a tribe of loyal brand evangelists ready to share your content and message with their powerful communities pre, during and post event
  • Influencer outreach programs
  • Social measurement, analysis and reporting
  • Selection of best social networks, tools and technology
  • Risk assessment and pro-active mitigation and management
  • Selection and management of social media reports for pre, during and post event communication, blogging and reporting
  • Social media campaigns to elevate the fun, buzz, and results of every aspect of your social business conference or event

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