reputation management social listeningWhen doing business online, there is nothing more painful than to learn that a potential customer did an online search for your company or personal name and will not be doing business with you because of what they read online.

Proactive brand management

Our methodologies are based upon a unique system of web and social listening combined with tools, team and technology that proactively work to watch on your behalf, and protect ferociously your online brand with the exact  mix you need to deliver peace of mind for your business.

Your brand is what your customers say about you. 

Much of what consumers are saying is posted on message boards, blogs, Social Platforms, and the major search engines.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each day because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results.  The importance of online Reputation Management is more important now than ever.

Cleaning up online negativity

Negative listings may be planted from your competition, an unsatisfied consumer, a news site, or a message board.  An angry employee or former partner can at times be a high risk situation that needs to be handled swiftly and concisely.  The impact can be financially challenging at best, and can cause business devastation at worst.

We know that it is imperative that you have a positive online reputation.  Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much as possible about you before making the decision to select your firm.  Future employees want to know they are in good hands with your organization. The first impression they receive of your company may be what they see in their Search Engine results.  Will they like what they see?

Fresh and ethical approach

Our approach includes a proprietary mix of organic activity that will include content production, targeted promotion and other technology to deliver factual positive information about your brand, while delivering a solid online reputation.  Some of the areas we focus on for proactive Reputation Management are Social Media Pages, Advanced Link Building, Blog Creation, Micro Sites, Press Releases, and aggressive SEO.  Each client is approached as a unique scenario, and Reputation Management will be handled on a case by case basis.

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