social brand strategy digital development Nothing is better than a good design, logo or campaign that stands out from the crowd, touches the heart and leaves a jingle in your head!

Unfortunately, these things don't happen by themselves.Yes, sometimes you may get lucky, but who wants to build a business based on luck?

The days of throwing something on the wall for the masses and hoping it sticks for at least a few are over and done. Times are changin' and you need to connect with your audiences on both a one to many and one to one basis.

We will help you develop and implement a brand strategy and plan that will not only look good, but will work good too!

brand humanization

We'll help you humanize your brand in a way that your audience, clients and partners will want to get on your business and social train because they know you are going places.

We will help you learn more about your market, so you can get in their head.  You must know who they are, what they want, what they like and need. We'll then help you build a platform that will inspire them to connect with you in a way that you can then foster a relationship and leverage an integrated online social business platform to inspire, connect and achieve results!

maximize investment

Yes, we love and build amazing pretty pictures, logos, websites and marketing materials of all sorts. However, any good designer can do that. What we do different is help you maximize your investment by ensuring we develop pretty stuff that your audience will like, love and hopefully shout from a mountain top how much they like you and your brand!

snapshot of what we can do for your brand!

  • Market research to get in the head of your audience.
  • Focus groups with your clients, partners, executive leadership, staff to gain insights into brand perception and market needs.
  • Map your business offerings to the needs of your market and audience.
  • Develop an integrated social brand strategy that will leverage what you have yet ensure you adopt best practices and kick butt digital design.
  • Build and launch an online social brand that inspires, connects with your target market.
  • Help your business talk in words real people understand.
  • Social business integration into sales, marketing, customer service and more.
  • Nurture relationships with consistent & relevant communications content.
  • Establish a pulse of relevant information disseminated to the right audiences with a goal of consumption and engagement.
  • Websites, blogsites, custom Facebook pages, Twitter backgrounds, email templates and more that kick butt not just in design but in results!


inspired yet?

Isn't it time your brand represented what you have in your head but just can't get out to the digital online universe? Contact Pam's agency, Marketing Nutz today and we'll have your brand jammin' in no time!