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Did you know that Pam is the founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz, a full services social brand, conversion optimization and digital marketing agency? We offer a full suite of services from consulting, corporate training, executive coaching, sales training, digital marketing, social brand development, social business integration, conversion optimization, social media listening to fully outsourced social media and community building services.

We work with brands of all sizes from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 organizations. We can help you understand your market and build a strategy to inspire and connect with them in a way that brings real business results.

Below is a snapshot of our approach. We're agile, smart and have fun along the way!

Step 1: discover

research – learn – understand

We dig into the roots, branches, & fruits of your business, clients, prospects, markets, partners, & employees to enable data driven decisions to integrate social media & online marketing into the DNA of your business. The output of this phase is a comprehensive analysis & assessment of our findings to lay the foundation for success.

Step 2. align

streamline – vision – efficiencies

Take inputs from discover phase to set strategic goals, determine strategy & appraoch, map audience needs to business offerings and messages. Build the social roadmap, go-to-market plan, blog strategy, editorial calendar and plan for integrating social media into business and aligning where it can have the greatest impact on business goals and objectives.

Step 3: develop

website development social brandbuild – integrate – execute

This is where our geek nut cracker meets the creative nut shell!  We develop & design the social sites, websites, blogs, custom applications, Facebook pages, digital brand & more. We kickoff training with executives, teams & make the tough decisions on social listening, social engagement, & social measurement technologies & processes.

Step 4: inspire

entertain – educate – delight

We help you create an online social voice to inspire your audiences to listen and attract them to your brand organically. We create online conversation platforms & dig into nutty details of tweets & Facebook engagement strategies. We balance the art & science of social with a focus on the heartbeat of social which is people!

Step 5: connect

engage – nurture – evangelize

We help you attract your target audience & bring them closer to your brand  & deeper into the conversion funnel with nurture campaigns that work on auto-pilot when you're not working! We identify & turn up the dial on partnerships with key industry influencers & evangelists. We continually monitor & optimize based upon results to date.

Step 6: achieve

content marketing tipsgrow – optimize – sustain

By now we are already seeing results and want to take them even further. We dig deeper into the nutshell of your clients & target markets to understand intimately what they need & want. Includes deeper focus on social business integration with a double click on optimizing processes & people for maximum results.


Let's get started and get you on the path of social business integration. You don't have to crack the whole entire nut in one day, month or year. Let's figure out a plan that works for you, your business, your budget and your nut shell!

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