Forbes Top 5 Social Media Woman Influencer

Forbes Top 10 Social Media Women

Who is Pam?

Pam Moore is the CEO and Co-Founder of Marketing Nutz, an agile, social media and digital marketing training and consulting company specializing in social business, branding and conversion optimization to help businesses not just do social, be social but be socially relevant.

Pam is ranked by Forbes as a Top 10 (#5) Social Media Woman and Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer. She is an avid international keynote speaker, best selling author and has 20+ years experience helping entrepreneurs, small business leaders to Fortune 50 organizations build winning brands and integrated platforms that sustain business and life.

Areas of Focus:

  • Social media training and consulting services (via Pam's agency, Marketing Nutz)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Branding services (via Marketing Nutz)
  • Speaking engagements, keynote presentations
  • Social business consulting (social media, branding, content, digital and more)
  • Corporate training and workshops (customized for all sizes of audiences)
  • Executive coaching & training
  • Social brand strategy & development
  • Social media planning, strategy development
  • Co-host or guest on your show or platform (paid engagements)
  • Amplification services via Pam's and Marketing Nutz platforms, blogs, and social reach