What do users see when they visit your website? Your website must embody your brand and communicate your brand promise.  It is the front door to your open house.  It needs to be inviting, fun and interesting to customers to come in and browse.

How is yours looking? Is it welcoming? Are folks stepping inside or do they just peak their head in and walk away?

Ever had a party and nobody showed and you found yourself left with too much food, wasted time and disappointment? Many businesses experience the same thing when it comes to websites. An agency might come in and build you the biggest baddest website this side of Texas. But after they are gone, “now what?” What if nobody even knocks on the door, let alone come in.

We are experts at building your website to integrate with your overall marketing strategy and plan. We focus on user centric design, relevant messages that capture your target audience, and all the right bells and whistles to show them from first impression that you are in serious business and are eager to earn their trust!

FRUiTZOOM to the rescue!

Businesses large and small can benefit from our flexible services. We offer both packaged and customized services for web development and design. We can be as quick or as comprehensive as your budget and business demands. We are an agile team ready to help you achieve quick, early wins on your website while we work at the same time on a more comprehensive plan if necessary.

We will help you turn up the turbo with social media, search engine optimization, social media optimization, blogging, email marketing and the latest web 2.0 technologies. We will help you clear the cobwebs if your site is a mess or simply provide a content refresh if appropriate.

Could your front door impression benefit from…

  • Improved first impression?
  • Higher website visitor rates?
  • Increased conversions?
  • Integration with social media?
  • Improved analytics and measurements of performance?
  • More newsletter subscriptions?
  • Improved ROI?
  • Better user experience?
  • Easier access to resources for customers, partners, sales and prospects?
  • Increased brand awareness?
  • Technology refresh?
  • Content refresh?
  • More agile infrastructure to enable your team to better maintain and keep content fresh?
  • Lower bounce rates (people leaving your front door without ever stepping inside)?
  • A blog that educates your core existing and target audiences?