social media addictionIt's been awhile since I wrote one of these posts. I think we have all pretty much confirmed we have addiction problems to social media and that crazy little blue bird. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse now we have pins and plusses to worry about.

So, just in case you thought you were out of luck in getting a free pass to social media addict bootcamp, no worries. If you answer yes to at least 50% of the below signs then you have an official lifetime member pass.

1. When and if you ever get to sleep you find yourself counting Pinterest boards versus sheep.

2. You could literaly operate Hootsuite on your iPhone with your eyes closed while talking,  jogging and chugging a bottle of water simultaneously.

3. Your garden reminds you of Pinterest and you even pinned a photo of it to your gardening board.

4. You have officially taught the grocery store clerk how to tweet. She should also now take this quiz.

5. Your kids understand social media better than most of your clients.

6. You are considering having your 10 year old fill in for you on an upcoming webinar.

7. You no longer have patience for people who tell you “my clients are not on social media.”

8. You turn down as many clients as you take on due to the “not going to sell you on social media factor.”

9. Your kids know the meaning of Tweet chat, hashtag, syndication, content marketing and edgerank.

10. You know how many tweets it takes to get thrown in Twitter jail.

11. You know the secret ninja tricks to get out Twitter jail.

12. You know who @TwitJailWarden is.

13. You participate in at least 3 tweet chats weekly.

14. You have accidently written your Twitter username on personal checks and other legal signatures.

twitter addiction15. You officially installed a tweet and iPad station in your family bathroom.

16. If a male family member goes to the restroom without the iPad everyone asks them what's wrong or if they need to charge it.

17. You have received serious threats from your kids if you share a bad photo of them on Facebook.

18. You often question if you should just change your legal name to your Twitter handle.

19. Someone has stalked you at a local establishment and asked for you by your Twitter handle.

20. You have mastered inbound marketing and the automated online conversion funnel. Weekends are now yours, all yours!

21. Even though your online platform works while you're not working on weekends, you still can't get that smartphone out of your hand!

22. You have accepted the fact your brain now thinks in 140 character segments.

23. Everyone in your neighborhood thinks you live on Facebook and Twitter and have no life.

24. You question if your neighbors are right about #23.

25. You just thought to yourself “my neighbors are right about #23.”

26. You have too many Facebook pages to keep track of.

27. You are somewhat happy when Facebook has a slow performance day as it gives you an excuse to stay away from it for a bit.

28. Even some of your clients who started out with only 30 Twitter followers are now self proclaimed “Twitter Rockstars!”

29. You still cringe when clients and partners introduce you at speaking engagements and events as the “social media guru.”

30. You forget that not everyone you know is addicted to social media as you.

31. You no longer care if you tick off your parents or extended family with your psuedo business updates on your personal Facebook page.

32. Spammers on Twitter no longer bother you.

33. You have thought about creating a website to plublicly shame copycats and plagiarists who copy and paste your blog posts.

34. You don't care who unfollows you. You know there are plenty more where they came from.

35. You are what you tweet and proud of it.

36. Your kids know most of the people in your Tribe on Triberr!

37. Your kids know every Facebook major update there has been the past year.

38. Your kids make fun  of you when you like your own posts on Facebook but you still do it anyway.

39. You get told daily by small business owners “you were right about Twitter at that seminar two years ago… it sure is a powerful tool.” You just think to yourself, “ya think? should have listened to me then, heh!?”

40.  You know the businesses in your local city who are less than a year away from going out of business because they have failed to adopt new media.

41. For fun you have mastered sending your bully “self proclaimed” competition on a wild goose chace of tangents distracted from their core business model with just a couple tweets or blog posts that get them spinning in the wrong direction.

42. Even though you have 50k followers on Twitter you mastered keeping private what you want private about your business and making public what you want public.

43. You are glad they didn't have Facebook when you were in high school or else you would have never gotten away with the half the stuff you did.

44. You have mastered #cardiotweeting and can officially keep your heart rate in target zone while tweeting, reading blog posts and catching up on Facebook.

45. You leave the house for 30 minutes and come up with 5 new blog post ideas.

46. Your kids give you ideas daily for blog posts.

47. Your kids are launching a new business and already know what platforms their audiences are on and are ready for their Facebook business page.

48. You are jealous that your kids will never have to get a “real job” and can literally be successful entrepreneurs from age of 12!

49. You have at least one pet named 140, Tweetie or troll.

50. You have a hard time finding a developer who knows WordPress as well as you do.

52. You are considering dressing as a Pinterest board for Halloween this year but know most of your friends and neighbors won't think it's funny nor know what you are.

53. You swore you would never read another post about social media addiction.

54. You are questioning why you read this post as it already confirmed what you know.

55. You are going to tweet this post to your friends who will also agree with number #53 & #54.

Social media addiction happens to the best of us. The best you can do is accept the fact, embrace it and enjoy the fact your life is one big Tweet and status update!


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