getrealchat radio launch debut ibm social businessWe have some exciting news! It is not often I write a blog post to simply announce and invite you to an event or toot our own horn. Fair warning, I am going to do a little “horn tooting” on this one. However, I do hope my “horn tooting” will also inspire you to finish that project you've had on the back shelf but really need to get launched!

As I always say… in both life and business, if you can dream it, you can plan it, do it and live it!

The #GetRealChat radio show has been on our deck of plans for two years. It was one of those things that we kept putting on the back burner. You know how it goes, awesome clients, awesome, projects, kids, beaches and life in general seems to sneak in and take priority. Finally we found the perfect time to launch it with one of our clients and sponsors, IBM Social Business!

Our weekly Twitter chats have been rockin' thanks to a super smart and engaged community, great support from sponsors and fantastic, giving subject matter experts eager to help our community learn and grow with their vast knowledge of social business, marketing, data, mobile, ecommerce and more.

Some of our recent guests have included IBM Social Business, IBM Smarter Commerce, IBM Exceptional Digital Experience, Peek Analytics, American Marketing Association, Forrester Research, SAP, UPS, ING, Whirlpool, Shop.CA, Tabsite and many more!

The Birth of #GetRealChat Radio!

#GetRealChat Twitter Chat CommunitySometimes a conversation simply needs to be more than 140 character exchanges. It’s nice to hear the inflection in a voice, and the tone of the banter among friends.

So, it is official, the #GetRealChat Radio show will officially launch on Thursday, August 1st at 11:00 am et! You can check out all the juicy details below and/ or simply listen to the GetRealChat Radio World Premier Launch Show here-> #GetRealChat Radio World Premier Launch With IBM Social Business – Exceptional Digital Experience! 

#GetRealChat radio is a sister conversation platform to our existing #GetRealChat Twitter chat that receives 18-30 million impressions in one hour.

The goal of #GetRealChat is that no matter what platform you prefer to digest information on, we have something that can help inspire, entertain, educate and guide you through the week. With the advent of internet radio, and the immense power of distribution it was a “no-brainer” for us to head in this direction.

Starting as early as next week you will see even more content and conversation in the form of audio via podcasts and Google hangouts so we can put more faces together virtually.

Why Launch with IBM Exceptional Digital Experience? 

IBM Social Business Exceptional Digital ExperienceThis was one of those situations where the planets simply aligned and the answer was in front of our eyes. As we were working with the IBM Social Business team helping them generate awareness for their upcoming Exceptional Digital Experience launch, it became clear it was a perfect match.

IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience initiative is about empowerment, implementing a “mobile first” priority and creating the most exceptional digital experience possible!

On July 18th we kicked off what will be a series of conversations via #GetRealChat Twitter chat. The series will focus in on the always connected customer and we will all learn together over the coming months how we can leverage technologies such as responsive design, mobile first integrations, data, analytics and social technologies to optimize every touch a user and potential client or brand evangelist has with your brand and it's digital properties.

Join the Conversation! 

This is the second event in a series of conversations we are hosting with IBM Social Business, Exceptional Digital Experience team.

Subject matter guests on the #GetRealChat Radio show includes:

  • Larry Bowden – IBM Digital Experience Software
  • Ben ShoeMate – Base22 Co-Founder and User Experience Specialist
  • City Forward Team – Gina Cardosi, Kent Van Horn, Jeff Berg, Dave Rock


GetRealChat Radio World Premier Launch

Date: August 1st 

Time: 11:00 am et

Join Conversation:
Listen Live via your computer or mobile device-> #GetRealChat Radio!
Dial-in via telephone: 347.637.3586


You can also follow & engage in the conversation real time via the following hashtags! 






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