delight them ibm exceptional digital experience Our customer, prospect, partner and community is changing. Advances in technology is blurring the lines between mobile, desktops, devices, in store and online shopping for users.

Since 90% of mobile users keep their device within arms reach 100% of the time, people no longer think about “what device am I going to use to access this website or purchase something online today.”  Instead they just do it. Today's mobile user simply picks up the device. They then click, scroll, view, read, engage, speak, listen and purchase as they choose.

They expect the experience to support their needs. They want to be able to easily access and update their profile, make a purchase, and engage with others in the community. They want to learn, be inspired, be empowered and be heard. They want to know the business on the other end cares and treats them as a human being, not just a credit card forced to engage, learn and purchase in an antiquated, frustrating environment. Experience is everything!

For business leaders this means we must create the end to end user experience our audiences, customers, partners, stakeholders demand. We can't think about it after we realize sales are slipping. We must know what they want, when and how they want it. We must design for the experience from the start.

Designing exceptional digital experiences requires not only core elements such as mobile, analytics, rich content, analytics, and social, but also must have capabilities like portal and its personalization, security, integration and management of content.

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We are pleased to be hosting a series of conversations on this topic in partnership with the IBM Social Business, Exceptional Digital Experience team.

Join the conversation, “Delight Customers & Employees – Exceptional Digital Experiences” on Thursday, September 12th at 9am ET/ 3pm CEST on Twitter.

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Come explore, learn and grow with us as we all commit to creating the best possible experiences for our users. Let's delight them as a first priority!


#GetRealChat Twitter Chat with IBM Social Business, Exceptional Digital Experiences Team

Date: Thursday, September 12th
Time: 9:00 am ET / 3 pm CEST
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 Additional Resources – Listen, Watch, Engage & Learn 

Check out the resources below to listen to the world premier launch from August 1, 2013 of #GetRealChat Radio show with IBM, Base22 and CityForward as guest. I also included some cool mobile, social and digital technology resources from IBM, Base 22 and CityForward who all joined us for both the #GetRealChat Radio Show and Twitter chat!

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