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Are you tired of hearing business and marketing leader friends brag about the measurable results they are achieving using the social network, Twitter? They talk about all of their new friends, new communities and even new clients. Do you feel like you are being left in the Twitter dust and that you are never going to catch up or really learn what it's all about?

Have you tried to use Twitter for business but honestly have no idea how to achieve anything close to an ROI on your investment of time and resource?

We live in a world of inspiration. Welcome to the inspiration age. If you can't learn how to inspire and connect with your audience, you are going to have a difficult time achieving any type of return on any social network, including Twitter!

You can't just hop on Twitter and start spamming links, coupons and blurbs about you and your brand. You must provide value and find human ways that you can truly connect at the human level with your audience, community, friends, online family and followers!

The truth is we are all the media. Me, you, your kids, your mom and even your Grandma if she has a Facebook account. If you want to rise above the noise you need to connect with real human beings, not just website urls.

Do these Twitter for Business questions sound familiar?

  • You want to reach new audiences and markets?
  • You want to increase and enhance brand awareness?
  • You use Twitter but have no idea what you are doing?
  • You wish you could better nurture relationships using social media?
  • You want to learn how to better use Twitter for business?
  • You want to learn more about what your competition is up to?

If you would like answers to these questions, then you must listen to episode 174 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast. I share with you 5 proven strategies to maximize your results using Twitter in the inspiration age!

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In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Why you must learn how to embrace the inspiration age for success using social media for business
  • How to tap into the power of Twitter to nurture relationships
  • How to leverage Twitter to grow your email list of subscribers
  • How to use Twitter to learn more about your market and competition
  • How to test new products, services, taglines and other marketing messages with Twitter
  • How to truly inspire and connect with your audiences using Twitter
  • How to know if it's time to get help from a 3rd party agency or consulting
  • How to use Twitter for social selling and to increase sales
  • How to use Twitter to reach audiences you can't reach otherwise
  • Why you must not use Twitter as a spam tool

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