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It's hard to believe this is the 200th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast!

What started out as a “test of the podcast waters” transformed into an amazing media and revenue channel for our agency, Marketing Nutz. The Social Zoom Factor podcast has enabled us to differentiate, diversify, build community, provide value to our audience, establish thought leadership, earn trust, generate leads, increase revenue by creating new and diverse revenue streams, make new friends and the list goes on.

We entered the podcast world pretty clueless as to what it would take to not only lunch but run a successful podcast that could be an amazing part of our business. We dug in deep and did the research. We learned from mentors, and developed a solid strategy and plan for success. We knew the future of podcasting is bright and wanted to be at the front of the movement to audio.

Ever since the day we launched our first agency in early 2010, sold it in late 2011 and built the following agency, Marketing Nutz to where it is today, we have held on tight to our WHY of business and life.

I didn't leave a successful corporate career of 15+ years to simply work 24/7. If it was about the money I would have stayed in corporate. I left corporate to build something amazing, something that could provide amazing people a place to work that was inspiring, challenging, engaging, different, fun, rewarding and empowered them to build something bigger together than we can ever do as individuals.

Has it been easy? Nope. Have there been late night? Of course. However, I have much more time to live life on my terms today than I ever did during my tenure in corporate. I choose my destiny. I choose what clients I work with and what clients I don't. I choose what experiences build my business, my team, my memories and my life.

We have tried our best to work smarter, not just harder. We believe in the #SmartHustle and building platforms that work even when you are not working. That is exactly what the podcast does. It works when I am not working. It works 24/7.

Take a listen to the 200th episode of the Social Zoom Factor Podcast  to hear how we launched and 5 solid tips to help you differentiate and diversify your media platforms and social networks to bring the highest ROI not only for your business, but also for your life!

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 6 tips to differentiate and diversify by selecting the right new media & social networks to embrace to grow your business
  • How we got started in podcasting
  • Strategies that helped us hit and maintain 100k unique monthly downloads
  • Mentors we depended on to create, build and launch our podcast
  • The benefits the podcast has provided our business
  • Why you must keep your WHY at the foundation of business decisions when looking to shake things up, diversify and differentiate
  • Avoiding shiny objects and the fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Why you must run away from status quo and rise above the noise with value
  • Aligning your passion with your why
  • Understanding where you fit in the market and the unique value your brand offers
  • The importance of taking risks
  • Never giving up!

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