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Are you tired of your Facebook cover image, Facebook advertising images, Facebook Group image, Twitter cover images, Pinterest board covers and LinkedIn images not looking as beautiful as the cool social media kids (aka visual savvy social marketers)?

If you are ready to take your visual marketing (and images) to the next level of quality, impact and business results then you have definitely landed on the right blog post today!

We have created the Ultimate Social Media Image Sizing Reference Guide that you can download right now, right here! It is literally jam packed with the exact sizes you need to use for all of the top social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more!

We didn't stop at just creating an amazing image sizing reference guide! We also created and are sharing with you Adobe Photoshop templates for all of the top social networks, also sized perfectly for you to start using today! Download the guide now!

The world is going visual! 

Did you know…

  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text
  • 74% of social marketers use visual assets as part of their social media marketing strategy (Social Media Examiner)
  • In 2016 51% of B2B marketers prioritized creating visual content assets as a top priority (Content Marketing Institute)
  • When a relevant image is paired with information people hear, they retain 65% of the information 3 days later, compared to only 10% retention without the image (Content Marketing Institute)

Visual marketing is one of the top ways marketers can stand out from the crowd of social media noise and connect with their audience in a human and more emotional way on the social networks.

social media image size guide 2017 Visual marketing can help you connect with your audience quicker, better and more efficiently.

However, the good ol' days of throwing a sloppy, blurry image up on Facebook and generating a ton of leads and sales are over and done.

Savvy social marketers have visual smarts and know how to ensure that their images are 100% optimized for each unique social network as they publish visual content across the social web.

The top social marketing leaders are not throwing social visual spaghetti at the social walls and praying that it sticks. They take time to understand their audience and create images that are unique, interesting, easy to understand, relevant and have meaning.

They also  invest time to learn and understand the requirements of each of the social networks and how they can create images that appear in the social news feeds, cover image placeholders and more in the best possible way.

Learning how to optimize your social media images and investing time to ensure your images are optimized for the highest possible quality, optimized sizing and display can help empower you with a competitive advantage!

The goal is to create a visually stunning, inspiring, impactful and relevant image that will not only help connect you with your ideal customer, but will also create an experience for your audience, readers, and community that inspires them to know you better.

An image can be your first step in not only grabbing attention, but also in earning trust. And you can do it quicker than a blog post or traditional forms of content and text alone.

Properly executed visual marketing can help move your ideal customer through your sales funnel via the social networks in a more simple way than text alone.

With social media, the only guarantee we have is change. This is why when you download the Social Media Image Sizing Reference Guide and Templates, we promise to also keep you updated on any changes that the social networks make to their sizing guidelines. We do the research and update the guide so you don't have to. This way, you will be reminded when big changes happen and you can easily know what changes have been made by the social networks so that you can modify your images and optimize them for the changes.

In a world of change, keeping up with the never ending changes of social media image sizes is one thing you won't have to worry so much about. Yet, you can still easily keep that competitive edge ensuring your social media images are always rockin' real results for your business!

Download the Social Image Size Reference Guide and Adobe Photoshop Templates Now! 

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