In a world of automation and robots… be the HUMAN!

Sales Vibes: Tuning into Your Buyer's Human Frequency buyer persona b2b sales cmo to go

Hey Digital Marketing and B2B Sales Trailblazers! Are you busy navigating the bustling world of digital marketing and business development? Hustling to get the juiciest ROI from your efforts?

Whether you're rocking the digital waves, dancing with influencers, farming or hunting for new leads, or building a business empire, two mega-questions are knockin' at your door. Ready to jam with 'em?

1. Do you REALLY Know Your Target Buyer? 

I'm not talking about just surface-level stuff. Let's dive into the deep end:

  • Are you vibin' with your audience?  I mean truly getting into their groove?
  • Can you tap into their beat and know what makes their hearts race?
  • Ever wondered what tunes play in their heads late at night? What challenges are they strumming to?
  • As they jam through their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or Facebook, what makes them stop and groove to your content?
  • Do you know everything you possibly can about your target customer? If you don't, you should!

If these questions have you missing a beat, it's time for a remix.  Let's get you harmonizing with not just what they look like, but what they feel, dream and crave.

2. How's Your Brand Lighting Up the Digital Stage? 

Look, the digital concert is packed! Every brand is vying for that spotlight. How is your act different?

  • What's that electric guitar riff that makes your brand unforgettable amidst the noise?
  • Are you the headline act or just another band in the line-up?
  • How's your song echoing in the market? Is your melody distinct and captivating?

A lil' heart to heart here, Rockstars: It's a loud digital concert out there. Loads of brands think they're the headliner, the main act. But here's the mic drop: are they? Or is it just a catchy hook that fades?

How do you really stack up?  How are you, your brand and your products and services positioned within your target market.

Many sales and business development leaders have limited sales mindsets. They lower their sales goals because they don't believe they can achieve a higher goal. This often roots in the fact they simply do not know their target customer and they don't know their market. Or they may be afraid of new technology such as artificial intelligence.

Often times sales leaders think all that “target marketing” and “target buyer persona” speak is for the marketing team. Unfortunately they believe their primary focus is to “sell” which to them means talk about themselves, their product and company ALL THE TIME!  They make up this excuse usually because someone internal or external sold them on the power of brand storytelling. The only issue here is they confused brand storytelling with “stealing the stage and only talking about myself” story!

While this self centered sales representative, sales leader or maybe even a CEO is busy doing the “blab blab blab” about themselves, the potential client is waiting on the edge of their seat for the sales person to hand them the mic! They want to be part of the story. They want to share the stage with you and be your brand hero. They want you to focus on them, your target BUYER! You can't sell to them effectively if you don't know who they are and specifically what value you can offer them that is unique and better than the last 5 sales representatives they wasted time with!

This is an inside your organization, every employee responsibility! Every person inside of an organization who touches the outside world and communicates with your customers or potential clients should also know the answer to the two questions I listed above and explained in the video.

Jump into the video chat

Ready to join the jam? I've recorded a video that will explain to you very simply (in less than 4 minutes) exactly what these 2 questions are and why you need to find answers to them before your next sales call. I've also setup a backstage chat for all of us. Jump in to the video chat comments, spill those thoughts and let's co-create the next big hit in this digital concert!  Sales and marketing should be fun. Even if you are not half way to your sales goal for the year… pull yourself up out of your pity party, put on your limitless mindset armor and let's get to work!

🔥 Hot Tips Alert!

Tip #1: Boost that buyer IQ of yours! Grab the FREE buyer persona worksheet and sharpen that marketing sword ->> Download Buyer Persona Worksheet

The Buyer Persona worksheets are even editable. They are perfect for you to facilitate a conversation with the rest of your team, your leadership and ensure you are all o the same page (and stage) when it comes to knowing exactly who your target customer is.

Tip #2: Buyer Persona Team Exercise

If your team already believes they know who their target customer is but you have your doubts if they really do… here is a fun exercise you can do. Send the buyer persona templates I mentioned in Tip #1 to your entire team.

Ask them to complete the worksheets without talking to one another. Ask them to make a list of the priority buyer personas.

Then, schedule a meeting for everyone to share their answers. I guarantee you will be amazed of the results.

And guess what… you just now became the champion of your customer! In a crazy economy like we are dealing with today… the best place to be is front and center stage serving your customer.

Tip #3: Check out my Buyer Persona Bootcamp (enroll here and get immediate access

In less than an hour a day for 5 days you will have your buyer personas, target customer profiles nailed, even if you are brand new to target customer analysis and buyer personas!

This is a go at your own pace digital course that will help make you the grand master champion of your target customer and prioritized buyer personas! Plus, the best part is it will cost you less than a tank of gas! Enroll in the Buyer Persona Bootcamp 

Need More Ideas?

If you want more ideas, or if you need help taking your sales and customer knowledge to the next level, reach out to me. This is what I live for in my professional life.

I offer consulting packages, CMO To Go services, digital transformation strategies and plans, and of course training workshops for skillsets of all levels. Let's level up your belief systems, your culture, your team and your sales!

Let's partner up and swap those limiting beliefs for a growth mindset. Let's make you a winning case study of how to absolutely crush your marketing and sales goals… even in crowded, digital world of noise!

In a world of automation and robots… be the HUMAN!

Stay groovy, keep rockin' and let's turn those marketing dreams into platinum records together!

Keep vibin'!


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