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When you think of social business trends and predictions for the upcoming new year what first comes to mind? Do you think of social technologies, measurement and analytics? Or maybe you think of mobile marketing and big data?

Did human beings even cross your mind for social trends? At the core of business, social media and social business is human beings.  71% of CEO's believe human capital is a key source of sustained economic value, according to a recent study by IBM.¹

The reason businesses of all sizes need the technology, data, metrics, and analytics is so they can better understand and serve their customers, employees, partners, stakeholders, audiences, and larger ecosystem to drive desired outcomes.

Of course we need the data, analytics and technologies to achieve our objectives. Data helps us predict and solve problems. Social technologies can help us better understand, inspire and connect with our audiences and customers.

Smart organizations will focus from the inside out when it comes to adoption and integration of social technologies and processes. After all, your employees are the life blood of your brand. If you skip employment empowerment, collaboration and training you may likely have a problem on your hands as your workforce becomes more social.

Social won't transform your culture or brand image. Social will simply reveal it. It's up to you to determine how you will use the technology and knowledge to empower your workforce and customers.


1.3 Billion Mobile Workers by 2015

IDC predicts there will be 1.3 Billion mobile workers by 2015. If this statistic doesn't make you think, I suggest you re-read it. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, if you are serving human beings who have a job, then this statistic should be something that keeps you up at night.

  • How will you inspire, connect, engage and service the mobile worker?
  • How will you empower your employees to be efficient and successful social mobile workers?
  • How will you tap into the power of your most powerful brand evangelists, your employees? 
  • How will you keep up with technology and trends while still maintaining efficient processes and procedures?
  • How will you fuel innovation and compete when everything is changing faster than you can keep up with?
  • How will you plan for, measure and analyze business outcomes?
  • How will you tweak, rinse and repeat for future optimization?

#GetRealChat Recap with #IBMConnect Team – December 10th 

The IBM Connect team joined us for another conversation via #GetRealChat Twitter chat on December 10, 2014. Participants included members of the IBM Collaboration Solutions team as well as social business thought leaders and speakers for the upcoming IBM Connect event January, 2014 in  Orlando, Florida.

Below are the conversation highlights of the Twitter chat as well as a couple blog posts written by participants. You can also view the entire transcript of the chat here #GetRealChat Social Trends in 2014 with #IBMConnect“. More than 400 people have already participated in the conversation.

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Snapshot of  IBM Connect Event speakers who joined #GetRealChat conversation: 


Come Hear Me Speak at IBM Connect Event in January!

I am also pleased to officially announce that I will be speaking at the IBM Connect event in January. Topic of my presentation is Bridging the Social Divide – C-Suite and Beyond. Grab your ticket for what is guaranteed to be an amazing event!

#GetRealChat Twitter Chat Community

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1 Source: “2012 IBM CEO Study: Q24 “What do you see as the key sources of sustained economic value in your organization?