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Twitter is an amazing platform to connect in a human way with clients, potential clients, colleagues, industry leaders, influencers, old friends and new peeps you haven't even met yet. They can live next door, down the street, across town or across the globe. No matter the time of day or night, it's a guarantee that someone is available right now and eager to have a conversation with you.

The biggest struggles most business and marketing leaders face when it comes to Twitter is the learning curve as well as finding the time to make the investment to achieve a positive ROI on time invested. It takes time to plan a Twitter strategy, manage your account and following, create content, find new followers, inspire the followers they you already have and the list goes on.

Many new to Twitter think it's a very overwhelming platform. They struggle with not only knowing how to inspire and connect with other Twitter users in a human way, but finding the time to do such.

Leveraging automation and technology can help increase the ROI of time spent on Twitter as well as give you back your life! There is much debate in regard to automating Twitter or not automating Twitter. It is definitely both art and science. It requires setting goals, knowledge of your audience, customers and knowing how much automation will benefit your audience and your business vs hinder the results you are seeking.

Using automation with social media requires a crawl, walk, run approach. It's best to test the waters first and see how your audience responds. Then you can more easily tweak, rinse, repeat, and optimize for the highest results possible. The last thing you want to do is tick off your loyal followers just because you want to save a few minutes a day.

Take a listen to the 180th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 5 of my favorite Twitter automation tools plus 5 best practices and tips to leverage Twitter and social media automation so it helps, versus hurts your business and brand.

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In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 5 Best practices for using Twitter and any social media automation
  • 5 of my favorite tools for Twitter automation
  • 5 things you can easily automate with Twitter
  • Why you must set goals and develop a plan for what you want to automate with Twitter
  • How to leverage automation and not be a spammer
  • Why you should not automatically tweet your Facebook posts
  • Why you must understand each social network and not treat them all the same
  • How to automate and curate content to keep connected with your audience
  • How to choose the right times of day to automate your Twitter efforts
  • Balancing both art and science with Twitter automation strategies

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