write for ideal customer and audience

Do you know what your ideal customer and audience wants from you? Do you know the perfect content that would help them solve their biggest problems and inspire them to connect with you and your brand immediately? That would be the perfect content marketing scenario wouldn't it? The scenario where your ideal customer visits your blog, website, or other social or digital platform and is provided with exactly what they want and need!

Content marketing is an amazing way to build your brand awareness, foster community, establish thought leadership, generate leads and grow your business.

Content can come in many forms such as text blogging, video blogging, audio and podcasts, visual marketing, infographics, live streaming mobile content and the list goes on.

While it may be tempting to start testing every social network and content medium available, it's better to crawl, walk run and ensure you have a plan before wasting a ton of time, resource and money on content that your audience may not even like, read, watch, listen to or engage with.

The first step in creating your content marketing, digital marketing and social marketing plan is to ensure that you know your audience.

You need to know what your audience needs and wants from you. How can you help them solve their real problems? How can you offer a unique perspective and solution that stands out from the crowd of noise in your industry?

It's not enough to simply know the demographics of your audience. You need to get in their head. You need to also know their behaviors and psychographics. You need to know where they are hanging out online and why. You need to know when they are on what social network, when they are communicating, why they are communicating and what they are talking about.

A top goal for social and digital marketers should be to ensure their content is providing value for their ideal customer and audience. The better the content can inspire, connect with and engage the reader, viewer or listener, the higher the return on investment the content is going to provide.

Check out the 188th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 tips and strategies to help you write for your ideal audience.

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In this 20 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 10 ways to create content for your ideal customer and audience
  • How to increase ROI of all content created by writing for your ideal audience
  • How to research and know your customer using social media
  • Importance of being human and authentic when creating content marketing
  • Why you must write for humans versus only the search engine
  • Importance of selecting 3 specific problems your customer has and creating content that helps them solve the problems
  • How to select the right mediums for your ideal customer and target audience
  • Importance of understanding your competition
  • Why you must understand industry trends in your niche and larger ecosystem
  • Why you must select the right headline and make sure you make it clear what the value is for your audience
  • Importance of not throwing social spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks

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