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Social media presents tremendous opportunities for digital and social brand marketers to conduct market research for less cost and time invested.

Long gone are the days of spending months and years in long drawn out focus groups, hiring expensive 3rd parties to gather people, rent expensive venues, pay for their insight, analyze the data for months and the list goes on. While there may be times that these longer research projects are required, most modern businesses of today don't need them as often as they may think they do.

Social networks present all of us with focus groups that are alive and dynamic 24/7, 365 days of the year. Any time of day or night there are people online, ready to engage and likely give you feedback by way of their actions or conversations.

It is important for marketers to focus on the needs of their customer as a top priority before developing any marketing program, campaign or piece of content marketing.

Would you like to learn…

  • what people think about your brand?
  • What people think of your service?
  • What people think of your employees?
  • What people think of your store location?
  • What people think of your website or blog?
  • What people think of your content?
  • What people think of your competition?
  • What people think of industry influencer in your niche?

Many of these answers are only a click or two away for smart marketers who know how to find the information needed. The goal is not to purchase the top 10 social monitoring and analysis tools. The goal is to select the tools and technology that will help the brand achieve the desired business goals and objectives. Marketers must have the power to select new shiny objects selectively and know when a new tool or technology is going to provide real and measurable value to their audience and the brand itself.

Do you know the emotional driver behind the actions your audience and customers take online or offline? It is critical that brand leaders understand what is driving their audience and customers action. Why are they clicking? Why are they engaging? Why are they choosing to take a certain action? What is the business or personal driver inspiring them to take such an action? What was the emotion behind the specific driver of the action?

Take a listen to the 186th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 5 easy ways you can leverage social media for customer and market research today.

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In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 5 Easy ways to use social media for customer and market research
  • How to leverage social media to learn more about your market
  • Top social media research tools and technology (free and paid)
  • Why you must know your audience
  • Why you should focus on the relationship with your audience as an input to the type of research you need to do
  • How you can leverage social media to better understand your industry
  • How to leverage social media research to create content for your audience that will inspire and connect with them in a human way
  • Importance of understanding what content your audience is reading, listening to, watching, engaging with, curating and sharing
  • How to leverage social data to understand specifically what your audience wants from you

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