how to increase conversions with social media digital marketing promises kept

Is your marketing delivering promises that you can't keep? Are your websites, blogs, social profiles, Instagram photos, tweets and Facebook updates over promising? Is your blog or website filled with services you can't deliver, even on your best day?

As marketers we are paid to build excitement, increase brand awareness and drive results. It's in our DNA to make people smile, to inspire and empower them. Savvy content marketing writers know how to put the right words on the digital paper to drive the needed action. However, brands must be careful and ensure that their words are truthful and the promise stated in a tweet or a Facebook post can actually be delivered in a timely manner and with high quality from the brand.

The social web is becoming more noisy by the day. It's difficult for even smart marketers to stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise. Many marketers fall into the frenzy of beautiful visual graphics, never ending sales pages, over exciting live video sessions and the list goes on. Before they know it they have made a long list of promises that are far outside the scope of what their websites, blog, content, or business can provide. Instead of helping their efforts, their over promising marketing messages and actions are hurting the brand. These broken promises lose trust, hurt relationships and decrease brand equity.

Think about a time when someone made you a promise and then broke it. How did it make you feel? Did it make you trust the person more or less? Did it make you want to hang out with them, work with them or recommend them to a friend or colleague? The chances are high that your answer is a flat out “now way!” So why would your customers and online audience and community feel any different.

You are what your promises deliver on the other end of a tweet, website conversion funnel or Periscope live video stream. Today, authenticity and transparency rules the social web. Customer experience is your brand, period.

Customers, community and audience members demand that brands deliver on what they promise. Marketers must learn to stop over selling. They must stop over promising and under delivering. Smart and savvy digital marketers know they are better off under promising and over delivering. Why not surprise and delight vs oversell and then disappoint?

Check out the 193rd episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 7 ways social, digital and brand marketers can keep their promises. Included are strategies, tips and tactics to earn trust, create a conversion funnel that actually converts and ensure that marketing efforts are helping the brand, not hurting brand reputation.

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 7 Strategies and tips to increase conversions by keeping your digital and social media promises
  • The importance of making the RIGHT promise
  • Avoiding overselling and spamming via social media
  • Importance of being very descriptive in digital promises made
  • Why you must educate the user, viewer, listener on the process
  • Why users, viewers, community members want to be told what to do
  • Why customer experience is everything
  • Importance of engaging

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