how to determine and prioritize social media marketing goals and objectives

Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex. Everyone is talking about it but very few are actually doing it!

It's interesting because many marketing and social media leaders within brands and organizations of all sizes dream about achieving real ROI using social media and digital marketing, yet very few of them actually bring to fruition much more than a social media dream.

In addition to running a busy social, branding and digital agency, Marketing Nutz, I also do a ton of international keynote speaking, training and workshops. We work with brands of all sizes from startups to Fortune 10 brands. Regardless of the size of the organization or their allocated and approved marketing and social media budget, unfortunately very few social marketers take the time they should to set goals, objectives and map a path for success.

As marketers it's in our DNA to move fast. We want to dig into new platforms, learn by trying and failing fast. This mindset can be good and drive results. We believe in risk. We believe in jumping onto social platforms before they are proven. We believing in life long learning and that life is one big course for the taking. However, at the same these behaviors can push teams and organizations into cycles of wasted time, mindshare and investment.

It's one of the biggest fallacies of the digital and social media world… that social media is free! Social media is not free. Social media takes your biggest asset which is time. How you as a marketer or business leader spend your time every day will determine success. It will also determine if your dream of achieving an ROI using social media ever makes it out of your dream and into the real world.

Too many social marketers promise goals and objectives to their executives and key stakeholders that they know from day one they will not deliver upon. They feel as if they get backed into a corner. Many fall into the mistake of thinking “I must promise something, anything, so I can get and keep some level of budget.” The truth is this thinking is hurting them more than helping.

Smart social media marketers know they must… 

  • Understand social media business success and ROI is only as good as the business goals and objectives for which it is aligned
  • Align social media to business goals where it can have the greatest impact
  • Take time to slow down to speed up
  • Avoid shiny object syndrome and fear of missing out (FOMO) unless it aligns to their core business goals and objectives
  • Care about customer experience across their digital and social platforms because customer experience is their brand
  • Understand the needs of their audience and ideal customer
  • Know how to not only build community but build real relationships with human beings built on trust and authenticity
  • Build, tweak and optimize conversion funnels, content strategy and plans, digital platforms and more over time and that results are not achieved overnight
  • Be patient when changing mindset within a company that is new to social media and digital marketing strategies and tactics

So how do you choose, set and prioritize goals and objectives for social media? How do you align social to business goals where social media can have the greatest impact?

Check out episode 203 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for strategies, tips and a framework to help you not only set goals, but also achieve them. If it's ROI you are looking for, then you want to listen to this episode! You get out of social media what you put into it. Take a listen and learn how you can prioritize every dollar and minute spent.

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • How to identify and prioritize business goals and objectives to align your social media efforts for the greatest impact
  • 4 Foundations social media goals are usually centered around
  • How to make sure your goals are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound
  • 15+ sample business goals where social can have the greatest impact
  • 10+ sample KPIs (key performance indicators) for social media
  • The difference between a KPI, goal, and objective
  • How KPIs help you measure desired transformations in your business
  • Why the focus must first be on humans, relationships vs solely focusing on conversions and sales
  • Why it's not about what the technology can do for you, but instead what you can do with the technology

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