Content Marketing 2018 Inventory Worksheet Plan

Is your content and digital platform ready for top business performance in 2018? Is your content ready to inspire, connect with and help your audience achieve their goals? Is the lack of compelling, relevant content keeping you up at night? If yes, I have some tips for you to help you get your content marketing in tip top shape before the new year!

One of the keys to success in content marketing is creating evergreen content that has a life span longer than a day or a couple weeks. If you are like most marketers and business leaders you have likely spent a lot of time on creating content to date.

We work with brands of all sizes from startups to enterprise Fortune 10 brands and I can tell you they all have a common denominator when it comes to content… they usually don't know what they have. It seems content often gets created in silos. You create content for a campaign, marketing program or Facebook ad test run. However, you quickly move on to the next program and promotion, often forgetting what the content you already created that can be leveraged again and again.

Wouldn't it be great if you could kickoff 2018 by maximizing the investment you already made in content and other marketing assets so that you can zoom results even more without spending a lot more time or money on new content?

Smart and savvy marketers know how to organize their content from the start so that they can maximize every dollar invested. The goal is to create once and use many. You can't do this if you don't know what you have to leverage in the first place.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, I am going to help you do exactly this! I am determined to help you get your arms around your own content marketing assets so that you can leverage what you have already done to take your online and content marketing game to the next level.

Not only do I provide you with an easy to use content inventory worksheet but I also teach you to how to do a quick content marketing inventory analysis so you can:

  1. Identify the content you already have
  2. Better align and integrate the content in your 2018 marketing plan
  3. Achieve a higher ROI by leveraging what you have already invested in!

This episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast provides a tutorial for how to use our Content Marketing Inventory Worksheet. It also includes our newly updated 2018 Content Editorial Calendar template.  Download both tools here-> 2018 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Inventory Worksheet

Episode Highlights

  • Tutorial for how to use our new Content Marketing Inventory Worksheet 
  • Leveraging content you already have to achieve a higher ROI for all of your content marketing
  • Tips to get your 2015 content marketing budget approved
  • Leveraging existing content to increase business results and ROI
  • How to prioritize what content needs updated
  • Assigning the each content asset a status of in, out or updated
  • Tips to identify content assets you may not realize is content you can leverage

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