100 Things to Tweet about on Twitter Besides Yourself!

what to tweet on twitterThe number one question I hear when it comes to Twitter is “what do I talk about?”

Given that most people do NOT know what to talk about, many wind up either boring their social community to death or they turn them off because they default to talking about themselves.

Never fear. You do not need to default to tweeting like a self centered, babbling idiot.

Check out these 100 ideas to inspire, connect, entertain and delight your audiences. No, not every one of them is going to work for every tweeter and every audience. However, many of them will work for most people and most businesses.

As I always say “there is only one way to do social media, and that is the way that works for you and your business.”  Listen to the advice others have for you, but determine priorities for investment of time, resource, conversation content based upon your objectives and goals.

Remember your number one goal is to inspire and connect with your audience. Help them achieve their goals and by default you will achieve yours. Inspire – connect – achieve! Don’t over complicate it.

100 Things to Tweet On Twitter Besides Yourself! 

1. Tips to help your customers solve their business problems.

2. Tips to help your audience solve life problems.

3. Tips to help your audience, clients and friends live a better life.

4. Anything that shows you are human. Be real, engaging and talk like a human being, not a robot. Subscribe to our “Talk Human to Me” series for more tips on humanizing your brand.

5. Industry news.

6. News about your city, state, country or the world.

7. Content that will strike an emotion. Make them laugh, cry, and think. Made them feel something.

8. Links to videos, podcasts or other materials that inspire, connect and delight them.

9. Inspirational quotes. Did you know quotes are the #1 retweeted content on Twitter?

10. Quotes of famous authors, artists or business leaders.

11. Tips to help people save money, time and resource. No, this does not mean you tweet coupons for your own business.

12. Information about a charity that needs help.

13. Photos of you doing something fun, inspiring or helpful to your community.

14. Photos of others doing something interesting. Remember, every tweet shouldn’t be about you!

15. Tips for how to get started with a new business or idea.

16. Tips for starting a business. If you are business owner, share your story, ups and downs.

17. Tips for how to use a product such as software, hardware, game or other.

18. Funny jokes.

19. Tips for local discounts or fun and unique things to do.

20. Adventures you experience while not working. Could include concerts, visits to the zoo, park, or even the neighbors house.

21. Photos of nature, sunsets or anything beautiful, funny, inspiring and entertaining.

22. Friendly reminders of important dates or holidays.

23. Holiday wishes.

24. Birthday wishes.

25. A simple hello, good morning or goodnight.

26. Thank someone for inspiring and delighting you.

27. Thank a favorite blogger, writer, thought leader, business, or artist for what they do.

28. Let someone know you appreciate them for simply being who they are.

29. Share tips from an event or presentation.

30. Share funny moments from a movie, sports game or event of any kind.

31. Information to help people avoid risk in business or life. This could include traffic avoidance, deadlines for state government requirements and the list goes on.

32. Share a song.

33. Start a conversation about anything other than yourself or your own business.

34. Ask a question that requires an answer other than yes or no.

35. Thank someone for commenting on your blog.

36. Ask a question to support a research project.

37. Conduct a poll.

38. Thank your community for following you.

39. Ask your community what they would like you to talk about.

40. Tweet pictures of your favorite food dish, restaurant or recipe.

41. Tell a story over a few tweets.

42. Ask for help.

43. Offer help to others.

44. Ask for tips for finding a product or service you want to buy.

45. Ask for opinions on a product or service you are considering buying.

46. Share your favorite content from other blogs and news media outlets.

47. Ask for tips of where to find good content that pertains to your industry, business or community.

48. Ask questions of others to learn about them.

49. Curate the best possible content you can find. Do NOT be afraid to share your top competitors content. Show confidence in who you are and what you do.

50. Let people know something interesting or funny that happens to you during the day.

51. Share a frustration, though do this with caution. I usually don’t recommend talking negatively excessively as it will turn many people off.

52. Do the mama test. Tweet like nobody is listenin’ except yo’ mama!

53. Share a new recipe.

54. Share tips on a hobby such as fishing, biking, skiing, rc cars and the list goes on.

55. Share your journey on reaching a goal such as weight loss, shedding a bad habit. By doing this you may inspire others as well as connect with people with the same interests.

56. Celebrations and milestones. Reach a big goal? Share it. As long as you are humble and share your good days, mediocre and even bad days your community will gladly celebrate with you as they will have helped build you!

57. Fun photos of an amusement park.

58. Photos of your business team enjoying life outside of the office.

59. Tips for others to take a break from work.

60. Tips for others to enjoy more life balance.

61. Connect and talk about many topics and meet new friends via a Twitter chat. You can join our chat, #GetRealChat, Tuesday nights at 9pm et.

62. Stock market or other financial tips.

63. Breaking news from national and world media outlets.

64. Progress toward goals and objectives in business and life.

65. Encouragement for a friend or colleague who you know needs inspired.

66. Retweets of other people’s awesome tweets and content.

67. Replies to others who tweet and talk to you.

68. Reviews, opinions and formal evaluations on products and services you have tried.

69. Check-in at your favorite restaurant or store via FourSquare or other geo application.

70. Weather tips if there is a storm in the area.

71. Statistics about products, services, industries or niches.

72. Data of any sort that can educate and teach others.

73. How to information and guides.

74. Maps or other helpful advice for tourists if you are in the tourism or hospitality business.

75. Welcome tweets when people check in to your business location.

76. Reply to people who tweet about your brand /business.

77. What you are thinking about. Tweet a deep thought daily tweet.

78. What you are dreaming about. Share your dreams and aspirations. Some may have the same dreams and you will be able to connect with them in a very unique way.

79. Customer services tweets to those who need help from your business.

80. Thank you messages to your customers for stopping in, purchasing something or simply being your customer.

81. Help other people achieve their goals. Share their content, promotions or charity fundraisers.

82. Be a connector.

83. Help people get answers to their questions.

84. Tweet and acknowledge similar interests. If you notice a new follower lives in a town you use to live in, let them know.

85. Compliment someone’s profile, bio or other information that inspires you.

86. Refer your followers to some of your favorite businesses, authors or colleagues.

87. Share something funny your kid or family member did that made you laugh. It might make others laugh too.

88. Share simple moments of life that share a part of you, show your human side but don’t come off as self centered.

89. Share a prediction.

90. Tweet a good Pinterest board.

91. Tweet a good Google+ community.

92. Tweet an engaging and inspiring group on LinkedIn.

93. Tweet a cool and inspiring Facebook business page, group or community.

94. Share a poll or focus group research which results will be shared with those who participate.

95. Share or start a poll.

96. Start or share a list on list.ly.

97. Teach others how to do something.

98. Help people simply do more, do less or simply be better.

99. Tweet this post so your friends can stop tweeting like self centered, babbling idiots.

100. You think of something. I have give you 99 ideas. You can at least come up with one and then add it in the comment section, can’t you? That way people won’t yell at me and say I only offered 99 tips when the blog title states 100! ;)

What You Say? 

Anything else I left off? What do you like to tweet about? What types of tweets do you like to read and engage with?

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  • http://twitter.com/amazinglyhealth John Howieson

    What a handy tool! I’ll be adding this list to my ToDo list, and reviewing it often. Thanks Pam :-)

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      My pleasure @twitter-104055229:disqus ! :)

  • http://twitter.com/OnlineVideoMktr Becky Sangha

    I’m hanging this list up next to my computer. I won’t be wondering what to post any more!

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Awesome @twitter-540444544:disqus ! Glad I could help.

  • Your Expert Webman

    This is a great list. I will keep it bookmarked.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      @yourexpertwebman:disqus glad you liked it :)

  • http://www.dailydealfilter.com/ Daily Deal Filter

    Thank you very much! This will come so handy as we are just starting to build our community as a new business.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Awesome @dailydealfilter:disqus great to hear!

  • http://twitter.com/MZazeela Marc Zazeela

    Pam – Great ideas.

    Please allow me to summarize. Tweet about things that would interest YOU!

    If you like to read about sports, tweet it. If you like to learn about finance, tweet it. If you enjoy learning about business, tweet it. And, on and on and on and on…

    Do you really want to read about yourself? Think anyone else does?


    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Good words @twitter-334741860:disqus ! Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! Any good plans?

  • http://twitter.com/free2bimperfect Melissa

    Love these ideas! I don’t have a business, but I run my own blog. While I always tweet about my new posts, tweeting about others has really helped me grow my Twitter following. It’s definitely not all about you on Twitter. It’s about community.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Amen @twitter-709069206:disqus ! Without community and relationships it is all for nothin’!

  • Steve Balliett

    This is an awesome list, Pam. You could also use this for Facebook, Google+ or any other Social Media you use. Sharing good quality content seems to always be the best way to go. It’s not about self, it’s about sharing with others.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Good words @google-68e7e10ed5c1dacc46da119a2a74b75a:disqus & so true.

  • http://www.citeman.com/ Nabomita

    I am active on social media, as I am keen to hear from people. Its inspiring to know how they summarise their worlds and represent their dreams. What more? That remans my only strategy :)

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Awesome post Pam full of ideas and inspiration. Twitter, it seems, is a mysterious creature with broad and varying users, objectives and how they Tweet. Themes we see include social, brand, information distribution, influence, entertain, discover, curate content. Twitter use is going to be unique based on user’s objectives and context. But the universal theme that we see driving engagement and reach is relevancy. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Pleasure @ricknoelebizroiinc:disqus . Glad to hear it inspired you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Susan Williams

    I am Pinning this to one of my Pinterest boards that is entitled Important Posts. I love how practical your suggestions are. I have hated Twitter for several years now, but I am resolved to take better advantage of the opportunity it affords people to connect.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      Glad you liked it @google-7bb018b7dcf250903fb51bb536d9af97:disqus ! Best of luck to you. Twitter is truly powerful once you figure out how it can work for you!

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  • http://twitter.com/GaryHyman Gary Hyman

    You’re joking – 1 more? :) This is the mother of all lists. Very nice list indeed! Thanks for putting this together Pam.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.rule.750 Wendy Rule

    idea 99 truly inspirational. item 100 – read idea 99 again! Tweeting is not natural for some of us – thank you.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/BenRobson83 Ben Robson

    Hey Pam – great list and well done for keeping it fresh throughout! 100 is quite a feat!

    I was just wondering, if you have a second, what is your opinion of Wildfire App as a way to manage social media campaigns? Their promotional video looks good, but it’s hard to tell which is best with others on the market too, such as Adobe Social.

    Thank you in advance for your time! Ben

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      We use Wildfire App for some campaigns. All depends on your objectives, audience etc. I think it tends to be a bit pricey and complicated for some clients but works well for others.

  • http://www.nicklewiscommunications.com/ Nick Lewis

    A great list Pam, but I have to confess an intense dislike of inspirational quotes as posts on social networks.

    They’re inherently facile as they lack wider context, and they strike me as second-hand wisdom that has not really been understood by the poster or retweeter.

    • http://www.pammarketingnut.com PamMktgNut

      I can completely understand where you are coming from with you comment and I agree that some abuse the use of quotes, particularly on Twitter @nlcuk:disqus .

      However, I can tell you that if used appropriately they can truly help you connect with like minds.

      I have numerous examples of fostering amazing relationships, as well as many awesome clients that started as a lead we received because of a quote I posted from my personal Twitter account. You may not like them but they work. As I always say there is only one way to do social and that is the way that works for you and your biz!

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